Saturday, 4 February 2017

Best Strategy to Earn More VersaPoints in SFI Business

For a direct approach to this topic, permit me to separate VersaPoints into two depending on how they are EARNED. These are:

1. Action VersaPoints, AVP. These are the VersaPoints you earn by the actions you routinely take in SFI.

2. Sales VersaPoints, SVP. These are the VersaPoints you earn by the purchases/sales you make at TripleClicks stores.

You can earn unlimited VP in both ways. Here is how.

- Daily to-do list completed.
- Weekly to-do list completed.
- Monthly to-do list completed.
- Daily Grand, VP wins.
- ASK SC answers submitted.
- PriceBenders actions bids.
- Zebra Games participation.
- Review of purchases.
- Standing Orders.
- Sponsoring Affiliates to EA and Team Leadership Ranks.

Here, you earn unlimited VP depending on the quantity of goods/services you can sell or purchase at TripleClicks stores. Each product in TripleClicks has a specific amount of VP attached to it. That is the VP you earn when you purchase/sell such product.

These here are about the very best ways to get more VP in SFI. 

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