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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Best SFI Banners for Attracting New Affiliates

SFI banners from my own experience are all carefully designed and well-worded marketing tools. Some are designed for SFI Gateways, TripleClicks Gateways, WAVE 3 Gateways, ECAs and Pricebenders as well as Trivia Games Gateways. To be candid, almost all of them can attract new PSAs but the SFI Gateway banners are best suited for that because they are the only Gateways which lead you by just a click to see the following.

1. An invitation to JOIN SFI.

2. A Guarantees of a FREE to join offer.

3. An assurance of NO OBLIGATIONS if you join.

4. A display of second by second enrollments worldwide.

5. A display of how the enrollments are piling up.

6. A display of the testimonies of persons who joined earlier.

7. A display of the person’s pictures and attaching the locations where the persons joined SFI.

8. A display of what you will benefit if you join.

9. An assurance to you of a free entry and free exit offer.

10. An offer inviting you to bookmark the invitation page and come back to it later to see how the enrollment figures have changed with time.

All these to my mind are the major reasons why SFI Gateway banners are the best for attracting new PSAs. 

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