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Saturday, 4 February 2017

How Best to Use Social Media to Recruit Affiliates

Just find effective ways to promote your SFI Gateways on Social Media that is all you need. Apart from Facebook, I do not know of any other Social Medium which shuns some SFI Gateways. Even at that, you can find a way around that and still be able to promote on Facebook. Other Social Media like LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg and many others have no problem accepting SFI Gateways. Specifically, you can do the following on Social Media to recruit PSAs.

1. Make regular direct promos with SFI Gateways on Social Media.

2. Post Breaking News and Milestone achievements from SFI on Social Media.

3. Promote TripleClicks products on Social Media.

4. Promote Pricebenders auctions, WAVE 3 and Trivia Games on Social Media.

5. Add SFI Gateways in your profiles in ALL your Social Media Accounts.

6. Write Articles and Blogs about SFI business/Products and post with SFI Gateways on Social Media.

7. Promote your SFI Co-op on Social Media.

8. Announce your own winnings and milestone achievements on Social Media.

9. Join and interact in Social Media Groups with similar business interests as SFI.

10. Identify SFI as your business in ALL your Social Media Accounts.

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