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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Why SFI Affiliates Should Have Their Own Domains

When Affiliates have their own domains online, it simply means such affiliates have their own virtual store/office online. I hardly know of any business person who will shy away from having his/her own store/office if they seriously want to do business. Among the major advantages of having your own domain are:

1. It shows professionalism in your chosen business.
2. It creates your own virtual online private space to do business.
3. You can design and layout the space as you deem fit.
4. You can be reached/contacted personally from your domain.
5. Your can promote your goods and or services from your domain.
6. You can transact your business exclusively/safely from your domain.
7. Your domain serves as your unique online business identity.
8. You can position your domain to attract regular traffic to your business. 

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