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Sunday, 5 February 2017

How Newbies Can Help Newbies in SFI Business

Permit to take on this topic with a real time truism in SFI business. “Nobody knows everything in SFI business.” Even the founder, Mr. Gerry Carson himself admits that much. Having said that, be informed that even if you are new in online marketing, you are not alone. Very many other affiliates are new to online marketing too. We are all still learning this business day in day out. Even if you do not know how but know where to refer your PSA where he can get valuable information to help him, you are doing great. Therefore, even if you are new in online marketing, you can refer the PSA to many specific areas in SFI for guidance and encourage him to be honest and diligent with the information therein. All the information is accessible in every affiliate’s Home Page. Just advise your PSA as follows:

1. To learn the basics of the business, use SFI BASICS.
2. For a detailed 30 day lessons, use the LAUNCHPAD.
3. Use the FORUMS to interact with fellow affiliates.
4. Join a2a for the purpose of interaction and networking.
5. For information and articles on Sales, Sponsoring, Getting Started etc, use the TRAINING PAGE.
6. Access real valuable information at the ASK SC forum.
7. Lastly, encourage your PSA not to shy away from the following:
- seek help when in doubt.
- read very far and wide in SFI.
- rely and depend on fellow affiliates to make progress.
- be honest and diligent in the business.
- be open to continuous learning.
- allow others to inspire you.

If you are able to use this advice as given above, I believe even if you are new in SFI business and new to online marketing, you can successfully help a new PSA who needs guidance. Good luck!!!

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