Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Creative Ways to Use the JMT Gateway

The Join My Team, JMT Gateway is one fantastic tool from SFI business which came into being in 2015. It is highly personalized for each affiliate and its message is clear, concise and very convincing. If I were you, I will use it creatively in the following ways. 


1. I will put the Gateway on my notepads, pens, newsletters, bumper stickers and coffee cups.

2. I will put it in my promotional flyers.

3. Include it in my Business Cards.

4. Use it in my free classifieds, online classifieds as well as my local newspapers and bulletins.

5. Put it in the Post Cards I mail out.

6. Use it in my SFI, E-Cards and X-Cards.

7. Purchase cheap seed packets, put a tag on them with the Gateway as well as a saying like, “I am in the business of helping people grow and make money.”

8. Put it in my Email Signature Feature.

9. Inscribe it in Buttons, Pens and other token gifts to hand out with a short advertisement on the Gateway.

10. Inscribe it in “Welcome Baby” cards for hospitals.

11. Add it in the Resource Box of articles I am marketing online and as a Guest Blogger.

12. Put the Gateway on the sun visor of my car/truck using vinyl letters. 


These are some of the creative ways I can think of right now how anyone can use the JMT Gateway. However, there could still be many other ways to use it by people who can “think outside the box.” 

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