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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why the JMT Gateway is a Great Recruiting Tool

O yes! I already use my Join My Team, JMT Gateway real time. In fact I am already using it to replace some other Gateways I have had out there for quite some time with very minimal results. From the message therein, I think it will turn out to be a super PSA recruiting tool. It is very easy to adapt by simply substituting the “xxxxxxxx” with your SFI number. That’s it! You are ready to go. I will recommend it very strongly to my team members because of that easy adaptation and the following reasons. 


1. It is a highly personalized message depicting one-on-one prospecting.

2. The message is appealing and inviting.

3. It shows your photograph, your badges and your major achievements in SFI making you a credible person to take seriously.

4. The direct invitation to join your team is irresistible.

5. It impresses and attracts on sighting the short testimonial of yours indicating how long you have been in SFI.

6. The page also gives several reasons why you love SFI and why you have been in it for so long. Another very credible pitch!

7. It exudes a lot of confidence to the persons you are trying to convince to join SFI.

8. It shows clear links to “Learn More about SFI” and “What others are saying about SFI” thereby adding great values to its credibility.

9. It does not disappoint to also promote Eager Zebra Games, TripleClicks and PriceBenders in its comprehensive promotion efforts.
10. From my knowledge of online marketing business, I believe this JMT Gateway may yet turn out to be the most successful Gateway for recruiting PSAs.

11. With so much carefully-chosen wordings, concise information and qualitative content, many prospects may find it irresistible enough to get attracted to SFI and its associated business opportunities. A great recruiting tool no doubt.

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