Thursday, 16 February 2017

Most Important Things to Do When New In SFI Business

When we as affiliates join SFI, we always come with various ideas and aims of what we want to achieve in the business. Even some affiliates who had the benefit of being mentored by very good sponsors still do things their own ways until experience teaches them otherwise. You only get to know the things that are most important for you to do with the benefit of your own experience. From my own 4 years experience in the business, I believe the following are the most important things to do when anyone joins SFI business. 


1. Become a Fast-Track member.
2. Confirm your registration.
3. Whitelist
4. Complete your Affiliate Profile.
5. Register as a2a member.
6. Send your SFI commitment message to your Sponsor.
7. Read the getting started FAQs.
8. Review SFI marketing center.
9. Upload your photo to the Affiliate center.
10. Enter a new affiliate greeting to welcome your new PSAs.
11. Follow SFI on Twitter.
12. Follow TripleClicks on Twitter.
13. Follow Pricebenders alerts on Twitter.
14. Like SFI on facebook.
15. Like TripleClicks on facebook.
16. Read the “About SFI” page.
17. Review SFI compensation plan.
18. Review SFI benefits chart.
19. Check out the “Standing Order” central information page.
20. Authenticate your contact information including email and telephone.
21. Set all your short-term and long-term goals.
22. Read the Launchpad lessons and take the quiz.
23. Review all the “Index” pages.
24. Read all the recommended Articles. 


If you can do all the foregoing as soon as you join SFI, it becomes very easy for you to hit the ground running.

I hope you will find this information helpful. Best wishes!!

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