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Friday, 17 February 2017

How to Get Past Fear of Success in SFI Business

First and foremost, I will get my team members to understand that Fear is a natural phenomenon in all affairs of people. Sometimes it is real and in most times it is imagined. That is why some writers refer to FEAR as an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. Since it is natural and affects all of us, from our minds and actions, we can get past fear by allaying it and psyching it out the following ways. 


1. You have nothing to fear in SFI business but fear itself.

2. Commence doing and do more of what you fear and you will conquer fear.

3. Take bold and courageous steps habitually and you will conquer fear.

4. Make good plans for your business and work those plans towards success.

5. Believe you will succeed and act that way, you will.

6. Try your hands on new things always and expect to succeed, you will.

7. Form the habit of asking your sponsors and mentors for help if and whenever in doubt.

8. Believe and work with the mindset that when nothing is ventured, nothing is gained.

9. Understand that SFI is a proven and tested business and the only way to fail in it is when you quit.

10. Get as much knowledge as possible about SFI as a business and your fear about the business will disappear.

11. Find ways to stay positive and enthusiastic about the business always and your fear will vanish.

12. Reconcile yourself with the fact that SFI is a business with its own ups and downs just like any other business.

If I manage to get my team members to understand the foregoing, I will gleefully tell them to get bold and get cracking all ye team members. Anyone can succeed in SFI business.

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