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Monday, 20 February 2017

How Eager Zebra Games and Pricebenders Auctions Help Your SFI Business

At a glance, both playing the Eager Zebra games and bidding on Pricebenders auctions are ancillary services to your main SFI business. Both are helpful to your business but on balance, I believe bidding at the auctions helps your SFI business better for the following reasons: 


1. Each bid gives you a reward of 1 VP and 5 MRP.
2. You may win the auctions and buy very valuable products at up to 90% off shelf price.
3. Your bidding username gives unlimited popularity and exposure to your business linking through to your TConnect page.
4. You can buy and resell great products at the auctions with substantial profits to the bargain.
5. With every 50 bids you make, you get awarded one PSA which helps to deepen your downline.
6. Having active PSAs from bids helps to grow your commissions volume at 45% on each PSA in perpetuity.
7. Bidding at the auctions helps to toughen you as a business person in competition with other equally very tough business persons.
8. You also learn resilience and the staying power which every business owner needs.
9. You learn to accept losses with equanimity when you lose at the auctions.
10. Your competitive spirit is brought to the fore when you bid at the auctions.

All these are good and very helpful to your SFI business. Even though I accept because of the above facts that bidding at the Pricebenders helps your SFI business more than playing the Eager Zebra games, doing both can bring about a combined set of benefits to your SFI business. That scenario can help to grow your SFI business real time and in perpetuity. 

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