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Sunday, 12 February 2017

How to Get Good Content for Your Blog

If you must maintain a good blog, be prepared to update it regularly yourself. The best content is always what you wrote yourself. This is because it is only you who knows clearly what you want in your blog and exactly what you want to achieve by writing the blog. Writing your own blog also helps you to avoid plagiarized materials. It shields you from infringing on copyrighted materials as well. Blog visitors can be quick to detect if any material is not original to you. If they do, you can quickly lose the much-needed traffic to your blog. 


Having said that, let me advise also that if you have the resources, you can syndicate your blog posts to professional contents writers who work for a fee. The danger there though is that your content may not be unique to your blog alone and uniqueness is a major selling point for good blogs. You also risk being dumped with plenty of plagiarized materials which you wanted to avoid in the first place.

My constant advice about blogging is that everyone should write their own blogs themselves. Doing so gives you real satisfaction. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has something to say no matter how mundane such things may be. Sometimes, you may even be surprised to discover that people are more interested in mundane things than very serious matters.

In writing your own blog:

1. You must be creative to attract and arouse peoples’ interest in what you are writing.
2. Your contents must be regular, concise and up-to-date to command respect and authority.
3. You must also be prepared to work very hard because the appetite for information online in mind boggling.
4. Your content must be fresh and authoritative.
5. Your content must be unique to you alone.
6. Your content must address a niche which interests very many people.
7. Your blog must be written in the language and style many internet users are comfortable with.
8. Your blog must be readable and without unpardonable grammatical errors.
9. You must take great pride in what you post in your blog.
10. Avoid using other peoples’ contents without their permission.

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