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Monday, 13 February 2017

Best Marketing Methods Suitable for New PSAs

As a good Sponsor or Team Leader, you should always recommend to your new PSAs all the marketing methods you have been using and you know are effective in SFI business. Let them know that the marketing methods you are recommending are the ones you can vouch for from your own experience. That gives some measure of credibility which can easily sway your new PSAs to take your advice. 


Arising from the above and in my own experience, I at all times recommend to my new PSAs to endeavor to use SFI marketing tools as provided free for all affiliates in the following link:


On this link, SFI is magnanimous enough to have made available about 94 marketing methods free for all affiliates to use as they deem fit. Some of these methods come by way of:

- Promoting the affiliate’s Gateway.
- Promoting TripleClicks URL.
- Promoting the URL of individual products.
- Text ads campaigns.
- Banner ads campaigns.
- Promoting products for sale in Social Media.
- Email blasts campaigns.
- SFI, TC Gift Cards.
- SFI TC X-Cards.
- And many others. 


Your new affiliates should be well advised to use these methods as they have proven over time to be very effective in SFI business. When the PSAs become experienced in the business, they can then be at liberty to modify some of these methods for their own exclusive use. They can also combine some of these methods for use to give maximum effects to their marketing efforts.

I hope this information helps? Best of luck in your marketing efforts!!!

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