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Monday, 13 February 2017

Why PSAs Should not Aim to Become Team Leaders Right Away

Your PSAs must know that everything in SFI business is gradual and systematic. Your duty as a sponsor is to just present facts before your PSAs and let them take their individual decisions. Remember, your PSAs are individual business persons who may want absolute freedom to do their own things. Be careful how you present your advice to them. If you present your facts right, many of your PSAs will find out that:

1. It is not wise to aspire to be a Team Leader when you are yet to build a team you can lead.
2. If your team is not deep enough, you can’t earn substantial matching VPs due Team Leaders.
3. Action VPs are more difficult to earn in SFI and a good team allows you to earn many action VPs which help you to Team Leadership position eventually.
4. In SFI, it is always better to do first things first to get maximum benefits. Team Building comes before Team Leadership.
5. A PSA can remain EA from month to month and still earn very well till her team is deep enough before thinking of advancing.
6. Titles don’t matter much in SFI. It is earnings that count.
7. Many of your PSAs will follow your lead if they know you lead by example.
8. Your advice is to help them take their own decisions.
9. Your own story and experience well-told goes a long way to help your PSAs.
10. Even EAs are leaders in their own rights so why the haste in advancing further?

Hope you will find this information helpful? Good luck.

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