Friday, 10 February 2017

How to Know That You Have Become Successful in SFI Business

Success? Isn’t that what every Affiliate is looking for in SFI and TripleClicks? You will know you have become successful in SFI when you notice the following: 


1. Your downline is 12 levels deep with most of the Affiliates active.
2. Your ECA store is receiving more orders than you can conveniently handle.
3. You are making more money monthly over and above what you are investing in your business.
4. You are earning income from all available sources in SFI.
5. Your downline continues to widen even if you are not signing on more PSAs.
6. The number of Team Leaders in your downline continues to grow exponentially.
7. Your business continues to make money even if you are doing less and less on it.
8. You have started earning income on “auto-pilot.”
9. The VersaPoints you earn just from sponsoring some of your PSAs to advance to Team Leadership positions are sufficient to earn you Team Leadership position monthly.
10. When you experience a feeling of fulfillment.
11. When you become financially free.
12. When you have started to work less while earning more.
13. When you can afford to own a home and live anywhere you choose.
14. When you can afford to travel as much as you want.
15. If you can afford to own any automobile of your choice.
16. When you can afford to live as you choose.


Anytime you experience all or some of the above as a direct result of your SFI business, you can then count yourself successful.

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