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Monday, 6 February 2017

What to do If Your PSAs do Not Want to Engage in Duplication

My first reaction to this problem is to advise you to tread with caution. Reason is, I very much doubt if it is within your purview to dictate to your affiliates how to run their businesses. Be reminded that your affiliates are individual and separate business persons who have the right and sole responsibility to run their businesses the way they please. If they choose not to engage in duplication, it is their choice but your role should be purely advisory. In that light, you can do all or some of the following; 

1. Regularly remind them about SFI rules and what the rules say about duplication.
2. Show them how your own business is benefiting from duplication.
3. Refer them to specific literature in SFI which speak on the benefits of duplication.
4. Let them know how they will miss out on residual income if they fail to duplicate.
5. Tell them that their SFI businesses can hardly grow if they fail or neglect to duplicate.
6. Remind them that the entire SFI business is built around the power of affiliates and only duplication maintains and sustains that.

If after all these efforts they still fail to embark on duplication, let them be. Maybe with time, they may see reasons with you, and then commence full duplication. That is what I believe is good for all parties.

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