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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Why Affiliates Should Have Their Own ECA Stores at TripleClicks

It is very good for affiliates to have their own ECA stores at TripleClicks if they want to take full advantage of the good business model that SFI represents. SFI itself envisaged it and therefore encourages affiliates to have their own stores by providing easy access and facilities to do so. As an affiliate, having your own store gives you the following benefits.

1. You can earn sales VP from what you sell in your store.

2. You can make tangible income from the profits in your store.

3. You can promote your own store easily on and offline.

4. You can offer sales promos and even discounts in your own stores to attract buyers.

5. You can offer competitive prices even at reduced rates as you wish in your own store.

6. You can earn extra commissions from promoting the products in your own store.

7. You can sell any products of your choice approved by SFI.

8. You become an accomplished business owner in SFI by owning your own store.

9. SFI helps you to announce and promote any new products in your store.

10. You get an additional communication channel from your ECA store to affiliates.

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