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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Keywords to Avoid When Setting Up Ads on Search Engines

This problem appears to be a very dicey one. This is because the words to avoid are in the millions. While the words to use are usually fewer, say between 2-6 keywords which the site was optimized with for good results. What readily comes to mind is to avoid keywords which have not been pre-optimized for your site. If you are using your own website designed by yourself, recall that you must have optimized the site with certain keywords which enable the site to rank well in Search Engine results. That is what Webmasters call Search Engine Optimization, SEO. If the site was designed by a professional, he too would also have optimized it with keywords relevant to the type of business you are promoting.

The words to avoid are those words which are not useful for your SEO ranking. It is near impossible to list them all here. If however your problem is about listing the right keywords, it would have been a fairly easy problem to tackle because those ones are usually fewer.

Please note that no keywords are really bad as such. What is bad is if the words are not relevant to your type of business. Having said all that, I strongly advise you to avoid the word “blast” either in your keywords or even in text ads. Many Search Engines really “hate” that word. You will be doing yourself and your business a lot of good if you avoid using it to promote your business.

Best of luck in your SEO marketing!

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