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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Why it is Better to Provide Prospects Only a Brief Overview About SFI Business

I believe it is much better to provide prospects only a brief overview of what SFI business is about. That is probably why SFI provides “SFI Basics” to complement the details in the LaunchPad lessons. All you want is attention and a brief overview is enough for you to get it.

Your first encounter with a prospect is only rewarding if you manage to “arouse” their interest. That is exactly what a brief overview of SFI allows you to do. Once their interest is sufficiently aroused, you can proceed to more details with a view to getting them enrolled in the business. The rule of thumb is to use a lady’s skirt as a guide. “It should be long enough as not to be boring and short enough to cover the essentials.”

My own take therefore is that a brief overview of SFI is all you need when you want to give information about SFI business to prospects. 

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