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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Why Your PSAs Should Set Up a Standing Order

In SFI business, my best advice is always to lead by example. You can’t easily convince anyone to set up a Standing Order if you do not have one in place yourself. If you have a Standing Order in place, you become a very credible teacher. You can easily get the attention of your PSAs to do same by telling them the benefits you derive from the standing order.

Principal among these benefits are:

1.You enjoy considerable discounts up to 17% on all your purchases on the Standing Order.
2. You have your favorite product(s) automatically delivered to you each month.
3. You get 2 additional entries in the Daily Grand Draws if your Standing Order is 1500 VP and above.
4. You get automatically qualified as EA monthly if your Standing Order is at least 1500 VP.

These are basically the facts you can use to convince your PSAs to have a Standing Order in place for their SFI business. The best way therefore to convince your PSAs to have a Standing Order is to have one yourself and to advise your PSAs to emulate you. As their sponsor, you could easily get them to act favorably that way. 

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