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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Can SFI Business Run on Autopilot?

The only business I know which runs on autopilot is piloting a passenger aircraft at 60,000 feet above sea level. Even that is only for some time when you are at cruising level. If you have to change course, weather some turbulence or bring down the aircraft, auto-piloting will be inadequate to guarantee safety. I do not see how you can possibly run a serious business like SFI completely on autopilot. Some aspects of it, YES but for all of SFI business, it is a big NO. 


You may be able to run your Gateways advertising on autopilot. You can automate your bidding in PriceBenders auctions. Auto-responders to some extent can handle customer inquiries and such like activities. That is about all you can run on autopilot in SFI.
When it comes to the following serious SFI activities, your personal attention comes out best all the time. Some of these activities are:

1. Your daily to-do list.
2. Buy and sell decisions.
3. Reading and participating in the forum.
4. Reading and participating in Ask SC.
5. Socializing through a2a.
6. Mentoring Affiliates.
7. Team Leadership activities.
8. Reviewing purchases.
9. Goals setting.
10. Strategizing. etc. etc, etc.

If however you have run your SFI business for quite some time, you have broken even and are making a profit, you may thereafter choose to do less activities or even log in daily. That can’t in anyway qualify as auto-piloting though. It is simply reduced activities while the business still runs smoothly. Nothing beats human efforts any day particularly in SFI activities.

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