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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Simple Things You Can Do to Better Appreciate Your Employees’ Efforts

If you run your own business, it is inevitable you will have to work with other people. These people are largely your employees. Finding ways to appreciate your employees is a very smart management decision most times. That is because employees who feel appreciated are more engaged and consequently more productive. However, appreciating your employees is a very tricky business. That is because most times, each employee beats to a different drum but most employees appear to crave public recognition no doubt. Many employees would work harder if they have reasons to believe that their efforts were better appreciated.

That is exactly where good business managers come in. Good managers know that there is no better way to make their teams feel valued at work than to share their efforts with the whole world. That is, exploring ways to appreciate them publicly. These days, company websites and social media accounts are about the best places to share your team results. Here now are simple things you can do to get good results on that score.

You can work on your company’s “About” page to list as many performing employees as you can there.

You can encourage employees to provide the author byline for each article they write on your website.

You can share your employees’ stories on your website. 

You can include “featured” employees on your home page.

You can regularly thank and recognize employees in your social media streams. 

Somehow, if you can find practical ways to dedicate your time and resources to making your employees happy, you’ll easily turn them into your most loyal brand advocates. That no doubt is good for business, any business.

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