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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How to Increase Your CSA Activity

Did you know that matching up co-sponsors and CSAs by country has been shown to increase activity in CSAs due to better communications and compatibility in regards to language, culture, etc.?
It's true! And with the CSA Exchange feature, you can actively harness the power of this in your team by exchanging all your CSAs from other countries...for CSAs from your own country!
Using the CSA Exchange is simple. Here are the steps:

Step 2: Choose the ELIGIBLE CSAs view.

Step 3: Select all the CSAs you wish to exchange. You'll, of course, want to keep your active CSAs. 

So only select the CSAs that you're okay with exchanging for different CSAs.

Step 4: Save your selections by clicking the "Add selected CSAs to Exchange pool" button.

That's it! Exchanges will begin automatically--usually within 24 hours, depending on what CSAs are available currently.

Special Note: As you acquire additional CSAs, be sure to visit the CSA Exchange every so often to add them to the CSAs you want to exchange.

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