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Friday, 8 June 2018

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

One easy way of obtaining ginger’s advantages is making your own ginger root tea, and it is one of ginger’s most commonly prepared forms. In its simplest sense, ginger tea is made by boiling sliced ginger root in water.

Another method for making ginger tea is using powder or teabags bought online or from your local store. If this is your preferred method, make sure that the product you’re buying uses high-quality ingredients from a reputable company. But if you have the time and resources, I strongly suggest growing your own ginger roots because this approach is healthier and safer.

What is ginger tea good for, anyway? Throughout history, it has been prescribed by healers and herbalists to help their patients alleviate a variety of conditions. Drinking it regularly may help:

Relieve nausea: If you feel nauseous due to whatever reason, drinking ginger tea may help you feel better.
Promote stomach health: Drinking ginger tea may help boost stomach health by reducing the effects of chronic indigestion.
Manage inflammation: Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties have been well-known throughout history. Taking it as tea may help you remedy muscle and joint pain after a strenuous workout.
Ease respiratory conditions: Ginger tea may help relieve inflammation related to the respiratory system, such as asthma, allowing you to breathe better.
Boost brain function: In a study conducted among healthy middle-aged women, researchers discovered that ginger may help improve attention and cognitive processing without causing any side effects.
Relieve menstrual discomfort: The muscle-relaxing properties of ginger may help provide relief for women suffering from menstrual cramps, as evidenced in one study.
Strengthen the immune system: The numerous antioxidants found in ginger tea may help boost your immune system, thereby helping reduce your risk of contracting infectious diseases.

Caffeine Content and Other Nutrition Facts of Ginger Tea

Ginger is a caffeine- and sugar-free plant that contains a mixture of vitamins and minerals working together to benefit your health. Furthermore, ginger contains gingerol, a unique compound that may help boost cardiovascular circulation.

Article Source: Dr Mercola at Mercola.com 

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