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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Great Insight into Creative Influencer Marketing Tactics

Blogging is all about influencer marketing. These days, nearly everyone is out there blogging. Some people are getting good results from their blogging efforts while many others aren’t. That leads to the question in many quarters, “Is blogging dead?” According to Google’s search results a while back, there are over 34 million answers to this question, all of which vary by author opinion.
Many bloggers report from experience that blogging is alive and well. For some reasons, it sure looks different these days. This is because blogs have evolved and changed over the years from static, text-centric web pages to an incredibly diverse variety of content including copy, imagery, photography, videography and

Historically, today’s thriving influencer marketing industry started with banner ad-driven blogs, and just as blogs have changed, so have content creators. That development is understandable when viewed against the rapid changes in technology and in some cases, ways of doing business. Influencers now produce complex marketing campaigns via various forms of media, seamlessly weaving brand messaging into their own opinions and recommendations. Therefore, sponsoring a traditional blog post is still a great influencer marketing activity, but if you’re looking for creative alternatives, you’ll get to find very many out there on the wide, wide web. Just search, you’ll find them because they are out there.


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