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Monday, 29 October 2018

Common Pitfalls in Affiliate Marketing

As many marketers have discovered, Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn fast and easy money provided you target the right audience. As you very well know, promoting products is key in this business. However, there are some common mistakes affiliates make when it comes to promoting. If you are new in affiliate marketing field, you might want to keep the following 8 points at the back of your mind so that you can avoid them. They are all avoidable mistakes which many marketers inadvertently make from time to time. Keep a very keen eye on them unless you want to fail like other marketers who ignored this advice. Your promotional efforts will not yield the desired results if:

01. You do not capitalize on the right opportunities at the right time. Timing can be key in this business.

02. You go over the top by habitually bombarding your followers with requests to try the product you are promoting. You risk putting them off altogether if that is what you do.

03. You fail to verify that the people trying the product you are promoting have all the information that they need to know about the product. Information is always key in promotions so provide it well.

04. You do not pay enough attention to your customers’ social media presence. Social media is on nowadays and it helps products promotion very well. Pay enough attention there.

05. You do not realize that building a strong affiliate marketing structure takes time and effort, and you give up during the initial stages of becoming an affiliate. It takes time and efforts on the web to establish an authoritative and commanding presence. Be patient!

06. You promote your product or service to irrelevant groups and forums. That is a profound waste of time and resources and it should be avoided.

07. You keep emailing and messaging user groups every day or, worse still, every hour. That is called “pestering” and it can easily put off potential customers.

08. You do not spend enough time to research and find the right target audience for the product or service before promoting products to them. Very wrong approach! The use of Google Analytics comes in very handy here to measure and gauge consumer behavior which information you really need to direct your promotional efforts.


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