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Thursday, 25 October 2018

How to Promote Affiliate Marketing on Social Media

These days, nearly everyone is on social media. Many already have a formidable audience built up over time on social media. For that reason, social media has become another effective way of promoting with relative ease affiliate products and services. If you are a celebrity, with the help of social media, you can easily play an influencer role to promote products and services. As a celebrity influencer, your fans will respond to your recommendations simply because they like or trust you. Many of such fans routinely follow your lead so when you endorse a product or service, you easily get them to try the product or service based solely on your endorsement. That is the power of social media. Here is how it works in some of the most popular social media platforms around.


Affiliate Marketing on Facebook:

With about 2.2 billion active monthly users, Facebook appears to be the most popular social networking platform at the moment. On Facebook, if you are having a Facebook page or group that is focused to a niche, it is likely to be more effective to promote any affiliate marketing product/service. It is therefore readily one of the best platforms to do affiliate marketing. It is most advisable to use Facebook Groups more to promote affiliate links because organic engagement is still positive in Facebook Groups inspite of platform restrictions elsewhere.

Affiliate Marketing on Instagram:

This is a photo-friendly social media platform. But, one big drawback on Instagram about affiliate marketing is that it does not allow you add links to your posts. The only effective way around this drawback is for affiliate marketers to routinely put the affiliate links (shortened by way of URL shortening service on Google anyway) in their profiles for the duration their ads campaigns will be running. That is the only way your site visitors can get to have an opportunity to click on the link displayed in your profile.

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube:

This no doubt is the most popular search engine and the largest social media platform for videos. This dual nature makes YouTube a very effective source of traffic for affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you can use YouTube effectively if you can create a video guide, tip, how to, or review of the product or service you want to sell. In this description, you can add links to the product using your affiliate link. When your viewers get to know through the information you provide that you have included a link to the product or service for their convenience, you get them really curious and that earns higher click-through rates as a result.

Affiliate Marketing with Email Marketing:
Many marketers sometimes argue that Email marketing is a thing of the past but to others, it is another effective way to promote your affiliate partnerships. Most experienced Email marketers still believe in it and use it efficiently. For good results using Email marketing, first you must build a list of email addresses of leads and customers using the opt-in form in the entry point of your sales funnel. That done, you can then offer your visitors something of value like an e-book for free then ask them to enter their email addresses in the form so that you can send them the free offer. After building up the list, you can segment the audience for effective affiliate marketing campaigns. That done, it becomes fairly easy to target the appropriate deals, and offers to the right audience. Ultimately, such efforts lead to more responses and better sales which is what thrills many affiliate marketers. 


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