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Sunday, 17 July 2016

5 Tips to be a Successful Blogger

There is hardly any business worth its name these days which is not into blogging as an integral part of its marketing efforts. Blogging has morphed from a small side business to a booming and lucrative industry. Thousands of people are now making a good living just from blogging with the help of sponsored content and affiliate marketing. These days, unique blogs provide a place for businesses to showcase their offerings as well as their understanding of their audience and its needs. Blogs also allow businesses to backlink to their websites. That helps to increase traffic to their websites, SEO rankings, and helps convert traffic into tangible business leads. That said, here now are things you can do if you want to be a successful blogger and your blog able to yield positive returns on your investment within a reasonable time frame.


01. Develop incredible content
This is your very first step where your expertise comes to the fore. You must always remember that the reason you decided to blog is because you want to provide something of value to your target audience. Decide what you want your blog to achieve and design your content solely for that purpose. Do you want to drive site traffic, email sign ups, or prove that you are an expert in your industry? Whatever your goals are, make sure your content aligns with them. “When you ask someone to read your blog, subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on Social Media, you’re asking for their time so make it worth their investment.” Real fresh and informative content provides that needed value.

02. Determine your blog’s name, domain, and hosting platform
All these must be unique to you and what you are offering your audience. Before you fill in your blog with informative content, you need to create it in the digital world because that is exactly where your readers will the accessing it. Choose your blog’s name with care and be sure that no other existing site has that title. Once you have a unique blog name, register the domain and select a hosting platform.  That done, you are ready to go!

03. Actively share your blog on Social Media.
This is what helps to drive a very active traffic to the site. The rule of thumb is, once you have at least ten blogs loaded onto your site, you can commence sharing it with your social or even email networks. To drive traffic back to the site, you must provide direct links to each individual blog across all of your Social Media accounts and within your email messages. If you provide sharing tools within the blog, that makes it easy for your subscribers and followers to circulate your content. That enhances good traffic back to the blog site.

04. Schedule your blog posts
Modern blog scheduling software can assist you to map out your posts for the next week, month, quarter, or year, and have a holistic view of what your audience is learning from the blog. An editorial calendar comes in very handy here. With it, your devoted blog readers will come to expect new content on your designated days. Regularly posting and engaging your blog readers with new scheduled blogs is one credible way to drive traffic and keep your business on top of their minds. If you leave them without a new blog within an expected time frame, you run the risk of losing their attention.

05. Craft a blog that looks and feels like your business
Making your blog unique and special particularly as it relates to your type of business somehow helps to market the business real time. Much like your website, your blog can be your first impression with potential customers. That first impression must without fail give them a sense of who you are and what you represent through the layout as well as the types of content you provide on the blog. If you adopt ways to write factual, highly informative and educative stories, your blog will quickly gain popularity and followership. That is what helps to drive traffic no end to the blog.

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