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Friday, 8 July 2016

7 Ways to Generate More Exposure on LinkedIn

As you may already be aware of, LinkedIn has become increasingly popular as the choice platform for business and professional persons to market themselves. Now everyone who wants to be taken seriously in business and the professions is getting out there to showcase themselves. Here is how you use the full potentials of the platform for maximum benefits.

01. Increase Your Connections.  Even though you may not accept all connection requests coming your way, more connections directly means more pairs of eyes seeing what you are offering. That is to say, more connections mean more people getting notifications every time you publish something on LinkedIn platform. With the easy information sharing buttons provided, you can directly expand your network exponentially by way of second-degree and third-degree connections or even more. As they say in this business, “The more the merrier.”

02. Engage with Your Connections’ Posts and Milestones. Always bear in mind that all LinkedIn users are real people with feelings and emotions. For that reason, any time you get a notification that one of your connections is having a work anniversary, birthday, and marriage anniversary or has got a new job; don’t fail to send a personalized congratulatory message no matter how busy you are. 

03. Send Direct Messages with Special Offers. Explore credible and acceptable ways to engage your contacts without having to embark on spamming. As human beings, our emotions and temperaments vary from person to person. So, you can’t be too careful in deciding which messages are suitable to send to other persons on the platform if you want them to remain friends with you.

04. Republish Your Existing Content. I assume you have a blog because nearly everyone out there online has one these days. If you have a blog, republishing your content onto LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform is one of the easiest ways to notify your network about what is trending in your end. Generating more awareness is what gets people interested in your blog content. The more you get that before them, the better exposure you get.

05. Ask a Question with Every New Contact Request. If you are on LinkedIn, no doubt you get connection requests from time to time. It is advisable that when someone sends you a connection request, instead of just accepting it, you can grab the opportunity to reach out to them to find out what piqued their interest in your work or your profile. That is one way to get personal and it makes others to get more interested in you as well.

06. Choose and Comment on Popular Posts. The more you comment on popular posts, the more such posts “carry you along” in their popularity. Google and other Search Engines do index popular posts and your comments benefit as well. That gives you real and meaningful exposure if you ask me.

07. Encourage Conversations on LinkedIn Instead of regular Email. Every Social Media platform tends to have its own unique language and culture. LinkedIn is not any different. You may consider regular email a lot easier to handle all of your communication through but keeping it within the LinkedIn platform makes for easier bonding and camaraderie. That helps to build trust and better exposure on the platform.

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