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Saturday, 6 August 2016

How Hackers Get Your Vital Information

Beware! Identity thieves are crawling all over the Internet. Every 3 seconds of the day, some innocent persons like you fall victim to their schemes. For now, no one is immune so please pay attention to this information. As the records indicate, the best-known abuse is theft of your credit card numbers. When it happens, many customers experience fraudulent charges on their accounts. Credit Card numbers are obtained in many ways. Sometimes it’s as simple as a small device called a skimmer that captures the data on your magnetic strip. Restaurant staffers and retail employees can also use pocket skimmers to duplicate your card info when the card is out of your sight. Perhaps the biggest use of skimmers is at gas pumps where they grab your data as you pay at the pump.


As you can see, these activities are common everyday activities when credits cards are used. While many consider credit card theft the worst kind of identity theft, it’s really a low-level type of data theft. Most card issuers cover the fraud at no charge to customers. At most, your risk is around $50. The real loss to you is the time it takes to mop up the problem even if the amount of money lost is really small. Of bigger loss is hacked data which the hackers can deploy to very devastating use. When they hit your account, they can access your names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers (SSN), health care ID numbers, home addresses, email addresses and employment information, including income data. With this information, the hackers can open new credit accounts, obtain government documents, and even commit medical identity theft. This is a growing threat that could use up health benefits or add false, potentially harmful data to victims’ medical records. Imagine an instance where someone uses your medical ID to get treatment and has the wrong blood type entered into your records. In an emergency, this sort of identity theft could be deadly. Can anything be worse than that?

Another common hack occurs when you willingly visit a malware-riddled website that could download a key-logger without your knowledge. The next time you do some online banking; the malware captures your password and sends it to the hackers. Alternatively, you might open a loaded email that appears legit but is really seeking to capture data like passwords and other info. These are often referred to as phishing scams because people are fishing for more of your personal data. As stated earlier, no one is immune from hackers. Because it is far more time consuming to correct full-blown identity theft, you can have some kind of protection in PrivacyMaxx.

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