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Friday, 5 August 2016

How to Work 13 Months a Year

Sounds incredible but true! It is possible to work more than one year in one year. Did I hear you sigh? Wait a minute; you will soon find out how you can work more than one year within one year. It is practicable to stretch your year to 13 months. Here is how. First, reconcile yourself with the fact that you are not a 9-5 Public Servant. As such you will not be expected to work as one. This category of workers statutorily work 8 hours a day, in a 5 day-work- week making 40 hours of work for 52 weeks in a year.
If you are a business person and your own boss, you are working for yourself. By simply taking a decision to work additional 1 hour per day, that can make a very big difference cumulatively. Here is how. With that extra hour of work, in one week, you will have 5 hours of additional work. In one year of 52 weeks, your additional hours of work will amount to 260 hours. In addition to your 40 hour work week, you will have put in extra 6 weeks of work. 

Just follow the math. If you work that way for one year, you will have collectively worked for 58 weeks instead of 52. This is more that 13 months of useful work. See! Imagine working for 2 or 3 additional hours a day or working for an additional day instead of only 5 days. That way you will actually be working in one year more than what most people do. That no doubt helps to increase your productivity many folds. The efforts you make by working extra hours are in direct proportion to your benefits. Your own discipline and work schedule help to drive your productivity. This is the major reason why you can always achieve more if you are your own boss.

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