Thursday, 4 August 2016

How to Economize Your Time

Here is one credible and practicable way to economize your time. Since the time available to you and all of us is heavily limiting, you can best use it by simple economics the way you use money. Some people choose to call it “time-management” but I choose to call it “time-economics.” The reason is simple. You can manage money because when you run out of money, you can arrange to get more money. You can get more money by going to withdraw from your savings or by borrowing. When you run out of time, it is gone and gone forever. There is no time-lender anywhere in the world where you can go to borrow more time. All you have and are entitled to is only 24 hours a day. The best you can do within the 24 hours therefore is to manage yourself and your affairs within the available time. This is time economics. 

It is safe to assume that you know how to prioritize your activities. That you know how to choose what is urgent and what is important. That said, you may now want to know how you can maximize the use of the limited time available to you for your work. It is also assumed that you do only the things related to your work during working hours. I hope I am right on this assumption because a lot of people use working time to perform many activities not directly related to the work they do. The best way to maximize the use of your working time is to minimize or eliminate time wastage on the things you routinely do at work. Here is how. List all your daily activities and replace “time-wasters” with “time-savers.” Very simple and the results and impact on your productivity can be quite amazing. 

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