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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

4 Digital Trends Your Small Business Must Embrace

The trends are on and reports from the field indicate that it pays really well for small business owners to join the train of trends. Even though there is hard evidence to support the fact that many small businesses are increasingly using digital platforms to manage their jobs, take care of quotes, invoices and scheduling, it is still common to see many others still doing things the old way. Small business owners who currently implement the right strategies based on a solid understanding of digital trends and knowledge of digital platforms are bound to outperform others in the new dispensation. These here are 4 popular digital trends which tend to drive that process.

#1.  Digital Payments: PayPal and similar online payment platforms are increasingly taking the lead in helping small businesses with online payments. These platforms are driven by relevant mobile apps, mobile adapters and portable point-of-sale systems. The payment systems are fast, reliable, adaptable and very good for small businesses. The fees they charge are minimal too.

#2. Online Marketing: Fewer and fewer small business owners are still relying on traditional forms of media, like newspapers and TV, to get their information to customers and potential customers. That is because the so-called legacy marketing techniques, like placing an advertisement in the newspapers, radio and TV are becoming increasingly less effective. The new trend is to market online which has a larger reach, faster, more effective and relatively cheaper than legacy methods. With the power of reliable Search Engines like Google, you have the option of a highly cost-effective way to get in front of your customers where they are looking for business worldwide 24/7.

#3. Digital Management: Many small business owners are currently moving away from traditional methods of making bookings on pieces of paper, or giving out handwritten receipts and invoices. The new trend is that many are increasingly using digital platforms to manage their jobs, take care of quotes, invoices and scheduling, for more efficiency and reliability. With the right management technology like simPRO and Tradify, your small business can benefit immensely from current trends of digital management technology.

#4. Digital Messaging: This trend is catching on real fast because of the ease of use, cost-effectiveness, popularity, very wide reach and confidentiality. The advent of Social Media has become a real icing on the cake of digital messaging. With messaging apps on the rise as a form of communication between family, friends and coworkers, many more small businesses are increasingly benefiting from messaging on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. This trend is bound to continue into the foreseeable future and small businesses can continue to leverage easily on these messaging platforms to provide value and exceptional customer support.

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