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Saturday, 10 December 2016

How to be Purposeful

“Great minds have purposes, others have wishes.” --Washington Irving

Purposefulness is all about staying focused and determined to achieve your goals. It builds desire and provides the reason to continue to strive until some achievement is made. Without a purpose, we all drift through life and end up as failures. Drifting through life is certainly not one of God’s intentions for creation. This is why everything in the universe has a purpose and a place in a meticulously arranged order.

Napoleon Hill, in his best-selling book, “Think and Grow Rich” tells the story of the great Chicago fire which once consumed all the stores in the business district of the city. A group of Merchants among them Marshall Field assembled in the streets the morning after watching the smoking ruins of what had been their stores. Emergency meetings and conferences were hurriedly convened. The big question was whether to rebuild or to move to safer locations? The Merchants quickly reached a decision. All except Marshall Field decided to leave Chicago. Mr. Field pointed a finger at the ruins where his store once stood and declared, “Gentlemen, on that very spot I will build the world’s greatest store, no matter how many times it may burn down.” That was many years ago and today the Field Stores edifice stands as a prominent land-mark in the skyline of Chicago.

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