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Monday, 23 January 2017

5 Ways Collaboration Helps Your Small Business

Every small business owner always wants results, good results. That is why there is always an endless struggle to make the businesses more efficient, reputable and profitable. From experience, going it alone is at times very difficult but there is always a way around that which is simply by “collaboration.” Any small business owner who manages to engender a collaborative environment can drive better bottom line results. That is great! Here are 5 direct benefits small businesses can derive from collaborative efforts.

01. Access to More and Better Workers
Business collaboration makes available a wider potential pool of employees. You have available for use, outsourced workers, remote workers who may prefer their home environments to work for you and even part-time workers depending on your own business model. That arrangement gives you the flexibility to hire only persons who are best for the job, regardless of their locations. 

02. More Effective Communication
You may be aware that information is only valuable if it’s available to the right people at the right times. And, these are the people who can make use of that information for the sake of your business. Without a true collaboration system for your team, what happens is that your team gets to rely on regular communication methods like phone systems, text chat or email which could fragment such information. Fragmented information hurts your business real time but with systems collaboration, that problem can be resolved.

03. More Efficient Processes
Collaboration in the use of processes engenders efficiency by eliminating duplication of efforts. Duplication of efforts brews avoidable crisis and dissipation of energies resolving crises which would have been avoided in the first place. With crises, projects take longer to finish thereby making customers unhappy. But with better collaboration, employees and systems roles are better clarified leading to reduced crises and increased efficiency.

04. Better Customer Satisfaction
When systems work efficiently and employees stick with their roles, there is always better customer satisfaction. When friction is eliminated, your employees are happier and do give a better account of themselves in getting the work done. Naturally, that translates to better service for the satisfaction of customers. Employees’ collaboration engenders that and many small businesses can now take advantage of online collaboration tools to get things done in a better way.

05. Using Employee Strengths More Efficiently
No small business which is unable to tap into her employee strengths can ever be sufficiently productive. When project managers encourage their employees to work together on projects, they get the benefit of each person being able to work on activities that are most suited to their specific skills/strengths. That way, projects can be divided up more effectively based on proven skills. That is one great way to tap into employee strengths, a consequence of which a better and more effective job gets done. End result is improved productivity.

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