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Thursday, 5 January 2017

5 Website Glitches Which Can Hurt Your Sales

Every online marketer always wants a website which is functional, simple and coverts customers easily. It is smart to maintain those qualities as much as practicable. It is a known fact to many marketers that the things which drive conversions are unique to every website and every product. For that reason, when conversions are down, many marketers turn to solutions/strategies that promise high conversion rates and guarantee a certain outcome. This web strategy and approach to conversions should be comprehensive enough to facilitate the uniqueness of both your brand and audience. These here are 5 things you can properly manage to create a page/website that is hospitable to high conversion rates.

01. Cumbersome Check-out Process. Having a cumbersome check-out process is one avoidable way to end up with abandoned shopping carts and failed conversions. This can be fixed by ensuring a seamless check-out process that involves as minimal information as possible in as timely a manner as possible. Many online shoppers habitually have no time to waste. The faster and easier the check-out process is, the better the sales.

02. Poor Web Design. Because it directly impacts the way users interact with your site, a poor/weak web design negatively impacts your conversion rate. Usually, a poor web design is attributable to a lack of aesthetics in color and style, outdated organization or look, over-complicated display features, and any other combination of first-impression factors. When a web surfer lands on your web page, an impression is made within a matter of milliseconds. That is the time it takes for them to make a decision whether to stay or to move on. “Something” compelling must hold them on your site long enough for them to deal.

03. Lack of Transactions Security. Building trust online is not an easy thing to do because of overwhelming presence of scammers. That is why consumer trust has become the single most important element factored into high conversion rates. For shoppers to willingly submit their personal information necessary for conversions, they have to be able to recognize your website as being secure. For many shoppers, the slightest sign of fraudulence or error, whether it is sloppy content or a glitch in the checkout process, it calls your legitimacy to question. To counteract consumer fear of scams and theft, you must add security/business seals to your site. That helps to show your site is verified.

04. Under-developed Product or Service. Sometimes when your product is not selling as expected, the problem may really be within the product/service.  Most often, an under-developed product or lack of understanding regarding the audience of that product can hamper high conversion rates. Your product/service must at all times be clear and easily communicated fit for the audience it is designed for. Any piece of the product/service which is a deterrent for consumers must be quickly straightened out.

05. Web Conversion Problems. All told, many of the glitch problems do directly impact conversions and can all be classified into web conversion problems. Some of these problems are, slow load time during check out, confusing information, absent or unclear display of shipping or pricing information, glitchy form submit buttons etc.etc. These can dramatically impact conversions. You must therefore routinely go through your check out process the way a user would then fix any conversion deterrents.

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