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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Best Ways to Ensure You are Building Residual Income in SFI

From my experience in SFI, residual income appears to be the dream income of all SFI affiliates. Everyone appears to be working hard to establish and grow residual income in the business. The following ways to me are about the best ways to build your residual income potential.

1. Read, understand and be able to use the lessons in SFI LaunchPad.
2. Advertise widely your SFI/TripleClicks Gateways.
3. Pay real attention to duplication.
4. Motivate, teach and encourage your PSAs and CSAs to make them active.
5. Promote your Gateways far and wide to bring in ECAs into the business.
6. Establish and run a co-operative for your affiliates.
7. Build your downline robustly and deeply.
8. Take SFI marketing tips and use them to build your business.
9. Be active at the forum and interact with fellow affiliates to learn what they do.
10. Make residual income building your main goal in SFI and work towards it.

I believe if you do the foregoing diligently, you can build real residual income in your SFI business.

Good luck!!!

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