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Monday, 30 January 2017

Best Free Methods for Attracting and Sponsoring New Affiliates

In SFI business, many marketing methods are cheap but not completely free. Many could be so cheap as to look free. Cheap and affordable ok but certainly not free. Since your question is specifically asking for best FREE methods for attracting and sponsoring affiliates, the following readily come to mind.

-Display your Gateway(s) in your personal website or any FREE classified ads website.

-Join a free blog and display your SFI Gateway(s)

-Drive your car around with TripleClicks Decal prominently and visibly displayed on it.

-Put SFI advert in the signature feature of your e-mails.

-Promote your Gateway(s) to your Affiliated Groups in Social Media sites like facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and others.

-Bookmark for libraries but do not forget to talk to your librarian first.

-Leave your business cards in restrooms at restaurants or on cork boards around grocery stores.

-Participate in talk shows and talk about your business.

-Volunteer to teach your business at vocational courses.

-Volunteer to talk about your business in Service/Business Clubs meetings.

-Leave your business cards in restaurants with your tips.

-Write articles for Articles Directories and leave a hyperlink to your Gateway(s) in the Resource Box.

-Conveniently “forget’ your business cards in taxis/buses/trains.

-Set up a free giveaway box in any store that will give you permission.

-When you are out and about mixing with people, try to be different and get noticed. That way, you can “pitch” your business effortlessly one-on-one.

These are about the best FREE methods for attracting and sponsoring new affiliates I can think of right now.

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