Sunday, 29 January 2017

Why Banners are Best Marketing Tools to Build SFI business

Of all the marketing tools SFI offers free to all Affiliates to build their business, I believe banners are best and most effective for the following reasons.

01. Banners come in different shapes, colors and sizes to fit how and where you want to use them.
02. Banner messages also come differently so you have freedom of choice to fit what you need.
03. Banner visuals and messages are more captivating than many other forms of ads.
04. The click rate percentage of banners is higher than many other ads messages.
05. Banner conversion rates are also higher.
06. Banners are very easy to deploy and to use online, thanks to SFI.
07. Next to videos and pictures, banners attract next best attention online.
08. Most Websites have specially designated locations for banner ads.
09. Offline, banners can be displayed in many public places with high human traffic including moving vehicles.
10. Above all, every online marketer I know loves banners.

From the foregoing, I have no doubt that using SFI/TripleClicks banners correctly can help any Affiliate build her SFI business very rapidly. 

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