Thursday, 19 January 2017

Best Way to Attract New Artists to SFI Monthly Tripleclicks Music Contest

There is hardly any best way to think about right now but the most effective way is to help advertise the contest. What matters the most are results and not really the ways. The best ways are ideally the ways which bring in the best results every month? That is what should count here particularly when you factor in that these results do vary a great deal from month to month.

It is common knowledge that every new artist wants to be well known and to become universally popular and successful in their musical careers. If these artists become aware that participating in monthly TripleClicks music contest could open that window to fame and eventual musical success, it is fairly easier to get them to participate. Any affiliate who wants to attract new artists to this contest can do so by taking measured steps/actions to get this information out there with a view to attracting new artists.


If you are really keen to attract new artists to the monthly TripleClicks music contest, you can do so through any or all of the following ways:

1. Networking on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, g+, LinkedIn and many others where you can put the word out to friends, friends’ friends and social groups.

2. Online advertisement targeting artists’ sites, artists’ groupings and even the international singers' forum.

3. Offline advertisements in Musical studios and to Music producers who may know interested artists.

4. Online advertisements on U-Tube and some other similar musical videos sites.

5. Contacting local musical clubs with budding local artists, talking to them and letting them know about the contest and its benefits.

6. Advertising on musical Reality Shows.

7. Affiliating with High Schools’ musical clubs and encouraging young artists to participate in the contest.


With these steps, I sincerely believe an affiliate can attract artists to the monthly TripleClicks music contest with some degree of success. Best wishes.

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