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Friday, 20 January 2017

Which is Better to do...Recruit PRMs or PSAs?

Recruiting Personal Referred Members, PRMs and Personal Sponsored Affiliates, PSAs is good business in SFI. As you can see, one is just a member of TripleClicks while the other is your business associate in SFI. Even though they both earn you 45% commissions on any purchases made by them, it is better to recruit PSAs for the following reasons.


1. Your PSAs are your business partners whom you relate with closely to build both of your businesses.
2. You earn residual income on all the activities of your PSAs.
3. You earn matching VersaPoints on the activities of all your PSAs who attain the rank of EA2.
4. You get matching VPs on their downlines up to 12 levels deep.
5. You communicate freely with your PSAs.
6. You encourage your PSAs to communicate freely with you.
7. Your PSAs are members of SFI and TripleClicks whereas your PRMs are only members of TripleClicks.
8. Without a purchase, you earn nothing from your PRMs, whereas you earn that way and some other ways from your PSAs.
9. All told, you have the potential to make more money from the activities of your PSAs than your PRMs.
10. PRMs are not building any business in SFI whereas PSAs are.
11. PRMs are mere customers of TripleClicks whereas PSAs are individual business persons growing their businesses in SFI.


From the foregoing, I can say with all amount of confidence that in the business of SFI, it is better to recruit PSAs than PRMs.

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