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Friday, 20 January 2017

How to Make Digital TripleClicks TCards Look More Professional

Well, I accept that every smart business person likes to look professional. We all as affiliates in SFI are business persons who no doubt also like to look professional. The idea sounds very good to make digital TripleClicks gift cards look more professional. I will rather advise extreme caution on this because SFI takes its time and a lot of efforts to develop and launch any of its marketing tools. That is the reason why they are very particular about how the tools can be used or modified before use. Even though I accept that it is a very smart professional thing to do, you must be sure that whatever modifications you may introduce in the cards are acceptable to SFI. 

As for suggestions for you to make your cards look more professional, you may consider among many other things, making the cards more visually colorful and with a catchy marketing phrase or sentence peculiar to you alone. I think that may just do the trick of making your TripleClicks digital gift cards look more professional. 

Please ensure that no matter how much modifications you make on the cards, the redemption codes are not tampered with. If the redemption codes are altered or tampered with, you may end up marketing in vain. That surely will turn out to be a marketing disaster which you can least afford. 

Happy marketing!

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