Thursday, 19 January 2017

How Best to Promote the New Member Pack (NMP) in SFI business

In SFI business, the best way to promote the New Member Pack, NMP is to spell out all its benefits to your new prospects and affiliates. If it benefits them, by extension it benefits your own business. The benefits when known to new affiliates are enticing enough to arouse interest and eventual purchase. Specifically, all prospects should know that it costs just $20 to buy the New Member Pack, NMP. 

They should know that when it's purchased:
1. You get 50 TCredits as reward.
2. You receive 200 MRP.
3. You get 500 VP.
4. You get 10 Game tokens.
5. You get 30 bonus Daily Crown entries.
6. You get Fast Track status if purchased within the first 10 days in SFI.
7. You get additional 10% share from the Executive Pool on your VP earnings.


As a sponsor, you get 500 Sales VP and $3.02 commission earnings to boost your own business from each sale to a PRM. Even when you are prospecting, you can use the above benefits to pre-qualify affiliates before you sign them up. That is one potent way to promote NMP. When they sign up, you can direct them to TripleClicks stores and ask them to choose and buy the NMP if they want to get these benefits. Do not neglect to remind them that the purchase must be done within their first 10 days in SFI, if they want to get the full benefits. 

You as the sponsor will earn your commissions, bonus VP in addition to signing up a PRM or PSA who will be your customer for life. That is how your own SFI business can get a boost which helps to grow the business.

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