Thursday, 19 January 2017

How to Come up With Good Content for SFI Weekly Newsletters

In SFI business, Newsletters could be highly informative to your downline if well-written and structured. Since you have been in SFI business for some time, you must know what is important to you to grow the business. These are the things your newsletter must contain to make it rich. Specifically, I will like to recommend the following as specific content in your newsletter.


1. Latest SFI and TripleClicks news.
2. Current affiliate tips.
3. New additions to Eager Zebra games.
4. New products debuting at TripleClicks.
5. Winning Ask SC answers for the week.
6. Trending and popular forum posts.
7. New SFI milestones.
8. New additions and challenges in SFI.
9. Recent members’ testimonials.
10. Duplication and promotion tips.
11. Hot items at TripleClicks.
12. Team members’ contests updates (if any.)
13. Team members’ achievements and recognitions.
14. New ECAs updates.
15. Members’ cooperative updates (if any.)


If you are able to incorporate all of or some of these things in your weekly newsletter, it is bound to be rich in content and highly rewarding to your downline. 

Best of luck!!!

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