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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

How to Handle Prospects and Affiliates Who Expect to Get Rich Quick

In SFI business, handling prospects and affiliates who expect to get rich quick is where your leadership skills come to the fore. These people are human beings who probably have a very wrong notion about what SFI is. Your duty is to let them know what SFI is all about as skillfully as you can. You should be very patient with them while using your leadership skills to educate them to have a change in their mind-set. You must provide leadership while leading by example yourself. If you believe that you too can get rich fast in the business, it is near impossible to teach any other person something different.

Preach patience and skillful diligence to your affiliate team members letting them into your own personal story and experience in the business. If they believe in you and trust you, there are very bright chances that they will act the way you prescribe.

Direct them to study “SFI rules of success” found on this link: https://www.sfimg.com/ROS/ROSBizLikeBiz

Draw their attention specifically to “Rule 20” which preaches patience and perseverance. Emphasize it to them as the rule states that “Building a successful business will require persistence and determination. Though many would like you to believe otherwise, there's simply no such thing as "get rich quick." So it is in SFI business and the founder himself Mr. Gery Carson identifies with that position in no unmistakable terms.

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