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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How to Avoid the Biggest Turn-Off of Prospects in SFI Business

If you concentrate on talking about just SFI as a business, there is hardly any turn-off to talk about unless you do not understand the business very well. For that reason, before you talk about SFI to any prospect, make sure you have gone through the LaunchPad lessons thoroughly and you understand the business and its prospects very well. It is people who do not understand the business very well who are at risk of saying things to prospects which turn them off.

For example, scammers and online business tricksters have given the word MLM a bad name on the internet. Even Search Engines are now very wary of those letters as a business model. If you are ignorant enough to misconstrue SFI business as an MLM business and you talk about it to prospects, you are very likely to turn them off immediately. Reason is, many people have been scammed online with those letters as a business model.

From my over 4 years experience in SFI business, that is about the biggest turn-off which many affiliates out of ignorance have not found a way to navigate around.

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