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Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to Convince Other Network Marketers to Take a Look at SFI

From personal experience, it is safe to assume that anyone already engaged in network marketing business elsewhere already has some knowledge about the business. That is exactly what will help your arguments if you want to get them to take a look at SFI. They already know what they wanted from the business and how well they have been getting it. From my own experience in talking with fellow Internet Marketers, 9 out of 10 instances, I always manage to get them to see SFI more positively. It is only out of modesty I do not always tell them that SFI is the best business there is of its kind on the web. I always leave that final conclusion for them to arrive at themselves after I systematically reel out the following excellent points about SFI. 


- You can participate in SFI free for as long as you want, with no obligation.
- You get your own personalized Website provided free (with free maintenance).
- You get personal mentors provided for free personal support & assistance.
- The Company handles all orders –payment, shipping, customer service for you.
- You can create substantial income giving away free stuff.
- SFI is marketable in every country worldwide (that is you can make money everywhere!).
- You need less than a dollar a day in sales to qualify for upper level income.
- SFI is a member of American Better Business Bureau
- SFI has been in business on the Internet for over 19 years.
- SFI provides extensive free training & resources to help you get started fast.
- You can share in company-wide sales/commissions every month.
- You can earn ongoing, residual income from one-time sales.
- You have the potential to earn $100,000+ annually.
- There is support available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.
- You can earn unlimited override commissions on unlimited levels.
- SFI has #1 product available/shippable worldwide.
- It is built from ground up for the Internet.
- You have tools provided for easy and free contact with your entire sales team.
- You can market virtually ANY product or service in the world.
- SFI has paid out millions of dollars in commissions.
- It pays out over 60% of revenues back in commissions.
- It provides extensive marketing tools so you can market how you like –online or off.
- SFI has own private-labeled products.
- It has over one million affiliates/distributors worldwide.
- SFI business and income can be willed to a family member.
- You can have your commissions payable monthly in your country’s currency via ATM machines.


The persons you are talking with may have gotten some of these benefits from some other internet business but certainly not all. It is these extra benefits they could get that form your strongest arguments yet to get them to take a look at SFI. More often than not, it works and works out very well. 

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