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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Best Way to Boost Your Income in SFI Business

I hardly know of any SFI affiliate who will not relate positively to this topic. Reason is because all SFI affiliates are in the business to maximize their earnings albeit in a cost-effective way. That is exactly why as affiliates differ from one another, their strategies and expectations in SFI also differ. I believe you can make the following your guiding principles if you want to enhance your own earnings. 


1. Do only those things in SFI which enhance your income earning capability.

2. Make workable monthly plans and follow them through.

3. Do not overlook tips from SFI, your Sponsors, your a2a Friends and from other Affiliates through the open forum.

4. Be systematic and diligent in working your SFI business.

5. Promote SFI and TripleClicks as widely as you can.

6. Obey and follow SFI rules of success.

7. Read, read, read and learn all you can about SFI.

8. Do not rely on a get-rich-quick route in SFI.

9. Do not dissipate useful energy on flights of fancy in SFI.

10. Approach your SFI business like a business, a real and profitable business.

With the above as guiding principles, you will be able boost your earnings in a cost-effective manner when doing the following to earn income in SFI.

- Do your daily, weekly, monthly and other activities to earn maximum VersaPoints.
- Use cheap or even free methods to promote SFI and TripleClicks.
- Set up a Standing Order to buy important goods at up to 17% discount.
- Position your business to earn income from ALL income streams on offer in SFI.
- Position your business to leverage on your past efforts at duplication to earn more income.
- Position your business to use the recommended 3-step plan to boost your earnings. 


You can do all these things effectively and efficiently by promoting your business cost-effectively, building a viable downline cost-effectively, teaching your downlines to promote and build their own businesses cost-effectively. If you can replicate that over and over again, through at least 5 active PSAs, you can successfully boost your earnings in the most cost-effective way.

I do hope this information helps. Happy earnings!!!

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