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Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to Promote ECA Store's Products to Downline Affiliates

Your ECA store is your TripleClicks sales shop open to the whole world including your downline affiliates. Since members of your downline are already in your sales team, it is assumed that you have been interacting with them for some time. All your channels of interaction with your downline are clear routes you can use to promote your ECA store to them. Specifically you can do the following.

1. Regularly send an invitation to your ECA link downline.
2. Have your ECA link with a short promo message in the signature feature of your email.
3. Be sure your ECA link goes with your name and identity in all your Mailer messages to your downline.
4. Promote your ECA link in your T-Connect page.
5. Promote the links of products in your ECA store in your Leadership page.
6. List some products in your ECA store as recommended products in your Leadership page.
7. Alert your downline with the links of any new products coming into your ECA store.
8. Alert your downline about sales promos/discounts going on in your ECA store.
9. Alert your downline about any new bonanza in your ECA store.
10. Announce to your downline special rewards to team members who buy from your ECA store.

If you take the above steps, it will be fairly easy for you to promote your ECAstore's products to your downline and many may want to sell them and/or buy them.

Have a nice day!

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