Saturday, 28 January 2017

How to Advertise SFI on Facebook and Other Social Media

There are basically two ways to advertise successfully on facebook and other social media sites. These are FREE adverts which every member is allowed to use and PAID averts which only paying advertisers are allowed to use. It is you alone who can make the decision which of the two best suits your intentions. That decision has to be influenced by the following limitations and the amount of money you are prepared to spend on your ads.


FREE ads can reach very limited audience which is limited by numbers.
The ads can reach:
- Maximum 5000 friends on facebook.
- Maximum the number of “likes” you have on the facebook page you manage.
- Maximum the number of followers you have on Twitter.
- Maximum the number of followers and circle friends you have on Google+, LinkedIn and others.
- Maximum the number of members you have in each group you belong to on facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and others.

Apart from limiting the number of persons you can reach, many of these social media sites are very finicky about what they allow on free ads. Many of these obstacles are removed when using paid ads for very obvious reasons.

As for PAID adverts on these social media sites, the ads are well targeted at the right audience using demographics like age, sex, educational background, geographical location etc, etc, and they can reach hundreds of millions of users. That is why paid ads on social media are more effective and more result-oriented than free ads.

To advertise successfully on facebook and other social media sites therefore, it is your lot to choose whether to use free ads or paid ads or both. After you have made your choice, just log on and read the rules then you are ready to go.

Hope this information helps? Good luck !!!

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