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Saturday, 28 January 2017

How to Convince an Affiliate Who Abandoned SFI to Restart Again

To convince an affiliate who has abandoned SFI to restart again, you must first and foremost find out why they abandoned SFI in the first place. If you are unable to find out why they left, you may be embarking on an exercise in futility if you try to convince them to come back. Anyone who does not know why they left off may not be easily receptive to the reasons why they should restart.


If however they know why they left and are very willing to reveal to you, that makes your job easier. That is exactly the juncture you begin to find a solution. Many affiliates leave SFI for many and varied reasons. Here are few reasons for leaving SFI, I can easily think of right now and how to convince someone to have a rethink.

1. Lack if time. Everything in SFI requires planning. With a good plan in place, you will schedule your time so well as to find at least one hour a day to devote to the business.

2. The person wanted to "get rich quick." Tell them that SFI is a marathon and not a sprint. The only place to get rich quick is a gambling casino if your luck holds out long enough. SFI is a business, a real business and has nothing to do with gambling. You get rewarded in SFI for your hard work and diligence in the long term.

3. Issues with sponsors. Let them know that people can succeed in SFI even with little or no help at all from sponsors. SFI has excellent 24/7 support base available to all affiliates. If your sponsors are lousy, you have the forum of all affiliates to learn from. You also have Ask SC as another resource base as well as many other resource bases in SFI. Your A2A friends can also come to your aid when you need information.

4. You are too shy to market your business. SFI has excellent marketing tools available free for all affiliates to use. Many of these tools do not require any physical or face-to-face contacts with anyone. These tools can easily be used by anyone even if they are shy.

5. You can’t build a downline fast enough. You do need a viable downline ok but you can sell things in TripleClicks to earn income even if your downline in poor and not growing fast enough.

6. If the person left to try other schemes. Tell them that they can always return to SFI as no other business of its kind rivals SFI currently on the web.

7. If a person left SFI because of personal reasons/tragedy. With the right concern and empathy from SFI affiliates as a family, it is fairly easy to get such people back to the business. Many people are more likely to come back when they know that they're always welcome back just like as in a real family which SFI is.


It will surprise you to discover that you do not require too much persuasion to convince someone who has been involved in SFI to come back. That is the beauty of SFI business.

Good luck!!!

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